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Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Authentic Community Masterclass

Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Authentic Community Masterclass

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Jaime Cohen, a Founding Member of Style Collective and the brand strategist behind The Right Words, shares her strategies for leveraging LinkedIn to grow your authentic community. Plus, why NOW is the best time to start sharing your story and building your audience on LinkedIn, before the platform is saturated.


When you purchase this masterclass, you'll get access to the one-hour masterclass video and our detailed tip sheet to help you become an expert in:


  1. Knowing your platform. What is LinkedIn all about, and what sort of content should you be sharing on LinkedIn? Learn how you can engage people with your story.
  2. Getting started. How can engaging with other people’s content help you jumpstart your LinkedIn presence, and why should you wait before creating content of your own?
  3. Building your network. Don’t just send random connection requests when you’re trying to grow your network. Learn why it’s important to always provide value when you’re growing your connections.
  4. Professional vs. Personal. Where is the line between professional and personal when creating content on LinkedIn, and how can you be an authentic creator while maintaining that balance?
  5. Using different mediums. It’s important to understand that your followers consume content in different ways. What can you do to serve them all with the content you create?
  6. Connecting with brands. How can you leverage LinkedIn to work with brands for sponsored content? And why can you charge more for your content on this platform?

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