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How to Brand Yourself Like an Instagram IT-GIRL
Style Collective

How to Brand Yourself Like an Instagram IT-GIRL

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Just like brick and mortar retailers, every #girlboss who wants to succeed needs to establish a unique and recognizable brand. Your customers and followers should know who you are at first glance, even without a logo or URL in sight! But how do you define your brand? What steps do you need to take? In How to Brand Yourself Like an Instagram It-Girl, Annie answers it all! Get step-by-step guidance to help you build your brand – plus a few real-life examples of branding super stars for inspiration. You’ll be on your way to Instagram fame in no time!

  • What is Style Collective, and who is Annie Spano?
  • On deciding your “why” and defining the purpose of your blog.
  • Your ideal reader: who is “she”?
  • On mood boards and creative inspiration.
  • On emotional connection to keep your followers coming back.
  • What it really means to be “on brand.”
  • The final step: choosing which photos to post.
  • Bonus content – Style Collective’s Instagram strategy.

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