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FTC Disclosure Rules for social media influencers and bloggers
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FTC Disclosure Rules for social media influencers and bloggers

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Influencer marketing is a breakout keyword in Google search, meaning that it has experienced 5000% growth in being searched. This industry is booming, and it is important that both brands and bloggers/influencers follow FTC guidelines for marketing and advertising. 

What is the purpose of the FTC guidelines for disclosure in advertising?

These guidelines are in place to assist readers and viewers in determining whether a blogger or endorser has a material connection to the brand about which they’ve produced content (source).

Why is it important to follow these guidelines?

It’s important to follow these guidelines to be clear and transparent with your readers. If you are unsure about whether you are required to note if something is sponsored, it is better to over communicate than under communicate. No one was ever fined for providing too much information, but the converse can lead to legal action and/or fines.

When do I need to start disclosing information?

It’s important to disclose the proper information to protect yourself legally. At first, you may receive products as gifts, but eventually, you will start to also receive monetary compensation. In BOTH scenarios, you MUST comply with the FTC’s advertising rules in electronic media and disclose this relationship to your audience. 

How do I learn more about the FTC guidelines?

We have included the framework that the FTC has outlined for compliance guidelines, and we have included the link to another document for further reading. We hope that you find this resource informative and helpful!

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