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How to Win at Pitching Brand Partnerships
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How to Win at Pitching Brand Partnerships

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Are you ready to start pitching your #girlboss influencer services to brands, but aren’t sure how to get started? How to Win at Pitching Brand Partnerships is the e-course for you! Let us teach you how to craft the perfect pitch step-by-step – from composing your “first contact” email to signing the contract and sealing the deal. This e-course is full of valuable tips and detailed examples to help you #slay your pitches. Learn what brands are looking for in a pitch, build those vital influencer-brand relationships, and start getting paid to do what you love!

  • Tips on tracking down those elusive brand contacts.
  • On crafting the perfect “first contact” email.
  • How to create and maintain a media kit and a brand portfolio.
  • On developing client-specific service packages.
  • How to set fair rates for your services.
  • How to define goals and success metrics.
  • What your contract could look like.

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