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How to Work With Brands Like a #GIRLBOSS 10 Day E-Course
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How to Work With Brands Like a #GIRLBOSS 10 Day E-Course

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Influencer marketing is still a relatively new – and growing! – field. Influencers are changing the marketing game, and brands are starting to recognize the value and, well, influence of the influencer community. It’s a learning process for everyone. To make the process a bit easier, we’ve developed a 10-day e-course that covers all the basics of working with brands, from planning your content to publishing your posts. How to Work with Brands Like a #GIRLBOSS is packed with tips, tricks, examples, and worksheets – an amazing e-course for every up-and-coming #girlboss influencer!

  • From Purchase Funnel to Purchase Loop.
  • How influencers are valuable to brands and consumers.
  • How to plan your content – and what’s a generator, anyway?
  • On the importance of SEO.
  • How to choose keywords and key phrases.
  • On the “why” and “how” of brand research.
  • On creative planning.
  • How to plan your blog post.
  • On publishing your post, and the finishing touches.
  • How and where to promote your post.
  • On brand communication.

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